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Mellow Cosmetics

Are you looking for some new cosmetics? Maybe a lipstick for your special day? You've come to the right place! Browse products with Mellow Cosmetics, one of the companies we've partnered with!

Bride Brite
Teeth Whitening

Bride Brite is a teeth whitening program that doesn't break the savings account and can get your teeth sparkling white for both you & your groom!

Hair Accessories

Are you looking for some hair accessories? Or would like to "Try Before You Buy?" Check out Hair Comes the Bride, another company we've partnered with!

Design. Me

This haircare line is our favorite and you'll find some staple products in our kits. We love their Puff.Me powder that will give you the volume you've been looking for! Another favorite of ours is the Puff.Me Dry Texture Spray - you will be hooked!

Do you enjoy shopping and getting some savings? Look no further! We are affiliates for some awesome companies. 

Keep in mind - anytime you purchase something from these companies, we do receive a small commission back, which we greatly appreciate <3

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